Student Ministry

Be Salt and Light in the World! 

The goal of Illumin8 Student Ministry at Calhoun First Baptist is to have our students develop an authentic relationship with Christ. We want them to reach the point where they are confident  in following Christ’s command  from Matthew 5 to be the Salt and Light of the World. Illuminat8 Student Ministry focuses on individual student relationships with Christ as well as student’s relationships with fellow believers and non-believers.  Messages, activities, music, and fellowship all revolve around Christ and how He would have students live and act in their schools and communities. CFB Ilumin8 Student Ministry occupies the Refuge located on the 3rd floor of Calhoun First Baptist’s 3-story office building.

Meeting Times

  • Sunday School (Refuge) 9:45 AM
  • Sunday Worship (Sanctuary) 11:00 AM

 Wednesday Night CFBC Students (Meet in the Refuge, 3rd Floor Student/ Youth Building)

  • 5:30 Hang Time
  • 6:00 CFBC Student Worship in the Refuge
  • 7:00 Youth Small Groups in the Refuge

photo: packing food for the homeless


Sunday School

Sunday School meets every Sunday at 9:45. Students are led by adult teachers using Lifeway’s Bible Studies for Life Curriculum. Bible Studies for Life give students Bible foundations for dealing with everyday challenges in their lives. Bible Studies for Life is grounded in the Word and the students use scripture lessons every week in order to be covered by the Armor of God in today’s challenging world.

Wednesday Night CFBC Student Worship

Wednesday nights we gather with all students, 6th-12th, for our large group worship time. The evening starts with Hang-Time starting at 5:30. Students are welcome to eat in the CLC or bring their dinner to the café area of the Refuge on the 3rd Floor of the main 3-story building. Fellowship is an important part of developing as a Christian and as a group. Hang-Time gives the students a chance to relax after a long day and spend time with others in games, music, or just hanging out. Worship starts at 6:00 followed by small groups and goes through 7:30.

Vacation Bible School/Youth Vacation Bible School

Each year our students lead the way in volunteering for Vacation Bible School. CFB’s VBS runs from 9:00-12:00 each morning of the selected week. Students work in various areas for VBS from snacks, to music, to missions. Students assist adult volunteers in supervising kids and showing the kids how much God loves them. Each evening (Monday-Thursday) of Vacation Bible School, adult volunteers return to CFB to give our 6th grade- 12th grade students their very own VBS. Students have dinner, games, and lessons every night. This time is a way for CFB to say THANK YOU to all the students who pour into the children at VBS.

Mission Trips

CFBC Student Ministry takes the Great Commission seriously. Our most recent mission trip was to Cincinnati, Ohio where we worked with the North American Mission board to identify a church or area of our country where a need was present. We worked with Revive City Church in Cincinnati to host over 120 upcoming 6th graders in a series of sports camps. These students were part of a bridge program who had been identified by their local schools as kids who needed some extra support before moving into 6th grade.

Winter Retreat

Parents, Winter Retreat Signups are open and spots are limited! Based on last year's conference we reserved 25 spots for students. I can tell you there will be more demand than we have spots for currently. We will try to get more spots after all are spoken for, so if your student is wait listed don't fret! That being said, sign up early...
This year we are going to the Strength to Stand Conference in Pigeon Forge Dec. 28-30th. Cost is $150 and is due December 3rd. Check out the pictures for the conference lineup and a picture of where we are staying.

Other Activities as Needed

As with life, not all activities are planned a year in advance. Sometimes you just need a trip to Taco Bell, or Starbucks, or Six Flags, or the Braves game. While these activities are communicated well in advance, sometimes they are more spur-of-the-moment in nature. Most times these ideas come from the students. “Hey Pastor Steven, we need to go Bowling next week” is often the planning process. Students are always welcome to come up with ideas (understanding that Pastor Steven reserves veto powers).